"Our marriage was stuck and Bill and Megan gave us the tools to get it back on track.  They are excellent communicators and our relationship is better than ever.  We are so thankful that we took their course."   

-Kathy & Terry Luther




Absolutely life changing for us as a couple. Our relationship is so much stronger, by using the tools learned through Bill and Megan. They pour their heart and souls into every class. We are very grateful for the experiences and skills gained from their classes and seminars. “

-Joyce and Mike



"An enlightening & fun education equally valuable for men and women. If you do one thing for relationship this year, make it this course. Bill & Megan are 'relationship gurus'!  I actually prefer 'relationship whisperers' but one of my wife's emotional needs is affection and she feels most loved when I value her 'relationship gurus' it is!
"Connectwo is an absolute must for anyone who says their relationship is the most important thing in their life. No matter where you are in your relationship, Connectwo will take you to another level."

-Holly and Jeff


"In the Marriage Seminar, we were able to quickly identify key areas of our relationship that required serious work. Megan and Bill provided the caring support we were looking for as we began our journey of healing."

-Amelia & Eric


"We loved the engaging, and honest approach that Bill and Megan led. They created a safe place for us.  The course highlighted tools that we needed to see and also helped us understand our individual needs.  Thank you!" 

-Heather and Bobby


"Within moments of meeting Bill and Megan they spoke of their past issues in a such an open and genuine way. Because of their transparency and humble honesty, I felt incredibly safe to share my story with them and our group. Real healing happened because of their support and how honest I could be with my husband. I cannot say thank you enough to the both of them." 

-Bree and Ian

 “This is a must take course for all couples, whether about to be married or have been married for any length of time. The course content is packed full of tools and insights that help to deal with the day-to-day stresses and strains placed on any marriage.  The change and growth in our marriage was evident . Thank you Bill and Megan for creating such a safe place for us to learn about ourselves and ultimately strengthen our marriage"

-Paul & Sylvia.